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September 2022 Newsletter

Are You Dealing with Turf Toe? Learn How to Get Back on the Field Faster!

August 2022 Newsletter

Learn How to Avoid Heel Bursitis (and Heel Pain) This Summer!

July 2022 Newsletter

Don’t Let Foot and Ankle Discomfort Ruin Your Summer!

June 2022 Newsletter

Keep Summer Trips to the Pool and Beach Enjoyable!

May 2022 Newsletter

Crush Injuries to Feet Can be Life-Threatening!

April 2022 Newsletter

It is National Foot Health Awareness Month! Learn all about the common problems our office helps treat!

March 2022 Newsletter

As Spring springs into the air, make sure you reduce the risk of Achilles Tendon Tears!

February 2022 Newsletter

Do not ignore ankle pain! Learn how to take care of your ankles (and feet) now!

January 2022 Newsletter

Your feet are the foundation of your body. Learn some tips to keep your skin healthy and avoid cracks in your foundation!

December 2021 Newsletter

The temps are falling. If you are headed to the mountains or on a ski trip, then learn how to find good winter boots!

November 2021 Newsletter

Learn how custom orthotics can help you in many different circumstances!

October 2021 Newsletter

Don’t let Halloween trick kids’ feet and ankles!

September 2021 Newsletter

Learn how your feet can help expose osteoporosis!

August 2021 Newsletter

Help New (and Seasoned) Runners Stay Healthy

July 2021 Newsletter

Explore how Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy can help you!

June 2021 Newsletter

Flip-flops are for politics, not your feet!

May 2021 Newsletter

Learn how to keep athlete’s foot away this summer!

April 2021 Newsletter

Learn the importance of keeping your feet in tip-top shape year-round!

March 2021 Newsletter

Learn the dos and don’ts of kids’ baseball cleats!

February 2021 Newsletter

Learn how prescription custom orthotics can help you save money today!

January 2021 Newsletter

Don’t forget about your feet this year!

December 2020 Newsletter

Don’t let gout ruin the holidays!

November 2020 Newsletter

Learn how to transition your exercising from outdoors to indoors this winter.

October 2020 Newsletter

Looking to go hiking this fall? This newsletter will give you tips to do it safely!

September 2020 Newsletter

Does COVID-19 really cause toe discoloration? Read this month’s newsletter to find out!

August 2020 Newsletter

Dealing with peripheral neuropathy? This month’s newsletter has you covered.

July 2020 Newsletter

Your feet don’t respond well to stress either, our newsletter has tips to give them a break.

June 2020 Newsletter

Helpful tips for preventing and treating sports injuries

May 2020 Newsletter

No time to hit “pause” on foot care! Get some helpful tips in our latest newsletter.

April 2020 Newsletter

Do you need to worry about spreading plantar warts? Our April newsletter will tell you!

March 2020 Newsletter

It takes more than luck to have healthy feet, find out more in our monthly newsletter!

February 2020 Newsletter

Show your feet some appreciation this February and you can do so right from your home!

January 2020 Newsletter

Begin the new year on the right foot by checking out our monthly newsletter!

December 2019 Newsletter

Step into the new year with healthy, happy feet and get the tips you need to do that in our December newsletter!

November 2019 Newsletter

Check our our November newsletter to keep your feet healthy for all the upcoming festivities!

October 2019 Newsletter

October is by far the spookiest month of the year, but with our monthly newsletter, you can say goodbye to scary foot and ankle problems.

September 2019 Newsletter

We have some great information to keep your feet healthy as temperatures cool down.

August 2019 Newsletter

Are Your Feet Protected Against Sprains and Fungus This Summer?

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