Toe Deformities

You may not be aware of just how intricate your feet actually are, but you likely have an overall idea of what normal feet and toes should look like. And whenever you notice anything unusual in your foot structure, you will definitely need the best treatment available to not only address the problem but also correct the deformity if at all possible (and often, it is absolutely possible!).

The Premier Podiatry & Orthopedics can provide comprehensive care for most – if not all – foot and toe deformities. From bunions to hammertoes, we are ready to assist you in getting relief from your symptoms and prevent the deformity from becoming worse. Once we thoroughly evaluate the severity of your condition, we can then create a unique treatment plan tailored just for you.

Understanding Toe Deformities

Bunions, hammertoes and mallet toes – these are all categorized as toe deformities. But although these conditions may be similar in many aspects, there are plenty of differences that set them apart.

Let’s discuss this a bit:

  • Bunions develop when the big toe angles inward at the metatarsophalangeal joint – the joint where your toe connects to the foot. As the toe continues to shift into this unnatural position, you will begin to notice a bony bump in the inner edge of the foot.
  • Hammertoes typically affect the second or third toe. They will become curled in an unnatural way, instead of staying relatively flat as they should. This abnormal curl is the result of a very obvious downward bend at the toe’s second joint.
  • Mallet toes can be quite similar to hammertoes, though there is a key difference between the two conditions – in the case of mallet toes, the abnormal bend afflicts the third toe joint (the joint closest to the tip of the toe), instead.

Now, you may be experiencing abnormal bends both at the second and third toe joints – this is a condition known as claw toes, and it will usually happen in all four of the small toes at the same time.

Aside from giving your feet an unnatural appearance, toe deformities can also cause pain and discomfort, making it difficult to do simple things like wearing your favorite pair of shoes or participating in regular activities. Not to mention that the risk of developing calluses is also heightened due to the toe’s unnatural positioning which causes pressure and friction on those deformed areas of the foot.

Treating Toe Deformities

You should keep in mind that these conditions are progressive and will likely become worse over time – especially when left untreated. But the good news is nonsurgical care at early stages can help with managing symptoms and preventing the condition from progressing.

Some common conservative treatment options include:

  • Taking OTC pain and anti-inflammatory medications
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Wearing custom orthotics
  • Wearing night splints
  • Modifying footwear, and more.

Please note that the goal of these conservative treatment methods is to relieve any pain and discomfort you may be experiencing and stop the deformity from becoming worse. Since progressive conditions like these are irreversible, it is impossible to actually correct them without surgery.

Surgical procedures are only recommended if the condition is causing severe pain and difficulty when walking. And, if that is your case, then you can find comfort in knowing that our team of experts have performed hundreds of successful surgeries to correct toe deformities just like yours.

Even better:

Advances in surgical techniques have made these procedures less invasive and quicker to recover from than ever before!

Find Expert Diagnosis and Treatment at Premier Podiatry & Orthopedics

So if your feet are starting to show unusual signs, or if a foot or toe deformity has started to cause you pain, come visit one of our offices. We are conveniently located in Carmichael and Roseville, CA to better serve you and your family’s needs.

For more information on toe deformities or to schedule an appointment, simply give us a call at 916-961-3434.


Very friendly and approachable staff. The PA did not push for any unnecessary treatments without exhausting other means.

– Maria M.

This office is amazing! Overall I give them 5 stars. Dr Fuji and Dr Ripp have been amazing to work with. The staff is extremely friendly and want to assist, especially Brenda. They can get a bit busy, but they did add a text feature which is very nice. We are extremely grateful for everyone here and not sure what we would do without them.

– Vanessa G.

The staff has been kind and helpful. I am impressed with the responsiveness I get from this office. It is far better than anywhere else I have been for medical treatment. I do not remember everyone’s names that have helped me so far but two that stick out are Sylvia and Brenda. Sylvia is on top of it as my surgery scheduler and Brenda is great at the front. I have not had my Surgery yet but Dr. Fuji seems like he will take care of me. I do not have any worries at this point in time.


– Steve A.

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