In-Office X-Ray Machine

Living with pain from a sports injury or medical condition? It doesn’t have to be that way. 

We are delighted to announce that we have added an X-Ray machine to our Roseville office. This crucial tool opens up new ways for us to examine problems with your joints and bones. 

X-Rays are a quick, safe, and reliable method of diagnosing problems and offering you the correct treatment. 

    What is an X-Ray?

       An X-ray is an invisible, painless type of radiation that passes through your body. We use X-ray machines to send the waves through parts of your body, which then produce images of your bones, joints, and softer tissues.

      On an X-ray image, denser tissues like bone or metal implants appear as white, while softer tissues like organs show up darker shades of gray.

       X-rays help us survey specific parts of your body and determine the best treatment options. 

      When Do You Need an X-Ray?

      Your clinician will advise you when they think an X-ray is best. Sometimes it’s obvious when you’ve hurt yourself because there will be a clear cut, lump, or swelling. Other times, a professional can’t determine what’s wrong just by sight or touch alone.

      This is when an X-ray can be helpful, as it allows us to see inside your body and get a clearer picture of what the problem could be. 

      As bones and joints show up very clearly with X-rays, X-ray images are usually used to examine:

      What Does Having an X-Ray Involve? 

        Your clinician will use an X-ray machine to take images of certain parts of your body. Don’t worry; X-rays are not painful—they are invisible, and you can’t feel them.

        When you are booked in for your X-ray, you will need to wear loose, comfortable clothing and take off any jewelry that might interfere with the final X-ray images. 

        We will position the X-ray plate against the body part to be imaged; the X-ray detector will be placed on the other side of your body so it can receive the X-ray waves and form the final images. 

        Sometimes you may have to sit at an uncomfortable or unnatural angle, but it’s no trouble; we will make sure to keep you as comfortable as possible, using supports like cushions to keep you positioned correctly. 

        You will need to sit fairly still to capture a clear image, but it only takes a few moments for your body to be X-rayed. Afterward, you can continue with your usual activities as there are no side effects. 

        After Your X-Ray Appointment 

        X-rays are available as digital images for us to examine—meaning the wait time for us to view them is only a few minutes. However, everyone’s injury or condition is different, so it may take us time to review the images and make a formal diagnosis. 

        We will always be transparent about how long it will be until you get your results.



        in-office x ray
        in office x-ray

        Are X-Rays Dangerous? 

        There are often worries about whether the levels of radiation in an X-ray are safe. Typically, the risk of X-ray radiation exposure is so low that the benefits far outweigh the risks. 

        A normal X-ray with a machine only exposes your body part to radiation for a fraction of a second. This amounts to around a few days worth of natural radiation you’d normally be exposed to in the environment.

        Why Are X-Rays Useful?

        Without X-rays, diagnosing problems with joints or bones can be difficult and time-consuming. Getting a clear image with an X-ray is non-invasive, quick, and pain-free.

        As X-rays clearly show bones and joints, they’re a reliable way to diagnose problems such as sports injuries or medical conditions and lead to quicker treatment. 

        When to See Us

        Are you concerned about pain or mobility issues? An X-ray might help us diagnose the problem and lead to the treatment you need.

        Whether you’ve suffering short-term pain or chronic, long-term discomfort, we can help.

        At Premier Podiatry & Orthopedics, we specialize in treating foot, ankle, and other orthopedic injuries. Schedule an appointment with our team by calling (916) 961-3434. We will always be happy to hear from you.

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