Foot Problems in the Workplace

Retail workers, cashiers, teachers, servers and anyone else who suffers from foot pain after spending a great deal of time on their feet while at work – you have taken the right first step by actively looking for ways to get rid of your discomfort.

We know that standing on your feet without rest for long periods of time can lead to a wide variety of issues from plantar fasciitis to stress fractures. And the truth is that foot pain can keep you from doing the things you love, and even those things you may not love all that much (but need to do anyway), like working.

But you already know this, and would likely do anything to soothe that aching, tender feeling in your feet after a long day at work.

Well, that’s what we are here for!

We are proud to offer our patients the relief they need (whether it be from heel pain or any other foot or ankle problem) so that they can live their lives as intended – without pain!

Beyond providing accurate diagnosis and state-of-the-art treatment options, we take our practice a step further by also educating our patients about the conditions they suffer from and what they should do about the symptoms that persist.

Our end goal is to help you maintain healthy, pain-free feet throughout your working hours and while you enjoy the better things in life, because you deserve to feel, move, and live your best all day.

So let’s get right to it …

Where is This Pain Coming From?

Studies have shown that every year millions of Americans report dealing with foot pain while at work. Now, if you think about it, this really should come as no surprise since the complex anatomy of our feet endures several tons of cumulative force loads each and every day.

Our heels in particular bear most of these stressors as they are usually the first part of our feet to come into contact with the ground. That’s one reason why heel pain is so common, though there are definitely some risk factors that may very well contribute to developing painful heels, too.

These include:

  • Your age. The older you get, the more prone you will be to experiencing discomfort.
  • Your weight. If your body mass is higher than average, then your feet and ankles are also under higher-than-average pressure, which can lead to foot pain.
  • Your footwear. Wearing shoes that provide poor shock absorption and support is actually one of the main causes for foot pain.

In fact, wearing the right footwear is vital for preventing foot pain at work. So the most probable solution to your issue is, of course, to wear appropriate shoes. Doing so will help minimize – if not altogether eliminate – your discomfort.

That said, you should also keep in mind the specific industry requirements which apply to your job – a balance between both will likely be your “sweet spot.”

In some cases, companies will provide their employees with the appropriate footwear according to their assigned roles and based on the company’s hazard prevention programs and policies. However, custom orthotics can still be used to complement such footwear to optimize relief from the strains brought about by the daily forces exerted on your feet.

man with foot injury at office job

But is There Anything Else You Can Do About Your Foot Pain?

Other than wearing proper shoes, and perhaps even complementing them with some custom orthotics, there are plenty of other steps you can take to ensure your workdays are not spent dealing with painful feet.

Here is what you can do to prevent and relieve foot pain while at work:

  • Alternate between standing and sitting. Use break periods or slow periods to sit.
  • Change positions often. Walk around, stretch and stand in different positions to move your weight around.
  • Avoid wearing heels. Keep the really high heels and the very pointy toes for parties and special events.
  • Cover hard floors. Request a rubber mat or a rug to be placed on the floor to cushion the area that you usually stand on and reduce the impact on your feet.
  • Flex your knees. Bend your knee and try (without going beyond your natural range of motion) to touch your heel to your buttocks with one leg and then the other.
  • Stretch your calves. Place both hands shoulder width apart and level on a wall, or even at desk level. Kick one foot forward and bend the knee so that it is directly over the ankle. Do the same with the other leg.

Once you get home from work, remove your shoes right away and keep your feet elevated above heart-level for as long as possible.

We know this can be easier said than done – for many of us, getting home from work doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to rest. In fact, getting home from work merely means “working” on our personal lives, from completing household chores to taking care of the kids.

And, if that is the case for you, finding time for a relaxing foot soak can also do wonders!

Now, we also understand that even when taking all the precautionary measures available, foot pain caused by work exertion can still happen. Thankfully, our team has the best tools to help you tackle this more-than-inconvenient problem, including conservative treatment methods.

So are your feet still making your work days miserable?

We Can Help You Find the Relief You Need!

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