Breaks vs. Stress Fractures: It Does Not Pay to Delay

Waiting until the last minute to buy tickets online for a concert or event can send you into a feverish frenzy! You either get the tickets just in time or you’re too late. Beat the rush and buy your tickets early for the Urban Art, Food and Libations Walking Tour in Sacramento, which runs all the way from July through September. Treatment for your feet and ankles can be like buying tickets. You either catch the problem just in time, in the case of a stress fracture, or you’re too late and suffer a broken ankle. Let’s talk about breaks vs. stress fractures and set the record straight.

Stress fractures happen in instances where the bones develop a small crack over time. The causes? Weak bones from arthritis or repetitious movement, and overuse from high-impact sports like soccer, tennis, and running.

Breaks, or broken bones, occur when the bone snaps from a sudden impact. This can happen from a fall in football, a vehicle crash, or conditions like osteoporosis. A break could allow your bones to stay aligned, send them through the skin, create horizontal or diagonal breaks, or shatter on impact, depending on how forceful the trauma is.

If you break your foot or ankle, you will experience immediate pain and swelling around the area. You may have bruising and, in severe cases, your foot will look grossly deformed. This differs from stress fractures, where you feel pain as you start activity but it gets better as you cool down. However, if you continue your normal activities with a stress fracture, it could turn into a broken bone.

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