When to See Us for Help in a Pandemic World

If you live in the Sacramento region, you are far from alone if you have recently wondered whether you should really be considering doing certain things at this time.

These concerns, of course, are not geographically constricted to our neck of the woods, as the pandemic raises plenty of questions and uncertainties no matter where you live. If you have concerns about coming to our office—or any other medical office—for help right now, that feeling is completely valid.

That said, there are many foot, ankle, and orthopedic problems that should not continue unaddressed. The sooner those problems are identified and treated, the much less likely they are to become worse or more complicated to treat in the near future. In other words, some problems should not wait to be addressed—pandemic or not.

Your Access to Us Is Not Restricted

This blog will provide some examples of conditions that deserve prompt attention, but here’s the thing:

You should never feel like you need to consult a list before contacting us. For anything.

Regardless of what’s going on in the world, never feel like you shouldn’t call us because a problem is “too small” or “not concerning enough” for our consideration.

First of all, that’s selling your needs awfully short. You deserve a professional look at any potential problem you may have. Period.

And second, as we noted earlier, small problems usually have the potential to become larger ones. We wish more people came in when problems were not “bad enough yet” by their measure!

While we are still accepting patients for in-office appointments—and following CDC-recommended guidelines to provide as safe and exposure-limited an office experience as possible for both patients and staff—that may not be your only option. In many cases, we can hold an initial examination and provide treatment advice remotely via a telemedicine appointment. Even if you currently have reservations about coming to our office right now—or simply can’t—we can still get the ball rolling and provide help without you having to leave your home.

But the path to help must start with you taking the first step. If you are still uncertain about whether you should give us a call, here are some situations where you absolutely always should.

You Have Persistent Pain

Whether the pain is severe or mild, having it be part of your daily life means it’s something that should be addressed now.

Chronic pain is very often a symptom of an underlying problem. Persistent heel pain, for example, may indicate an abnormality in foot structure. A treatment plan involving elements such as custom orthotics and physical conditioning can significantly reduce or even outright eliminate your pain. Leaving it be, on the other hand, could cause the condition to further degrade, leading to more severe or more present pain.

You Have Problems That Keep Coming Back

There are certain problems that, when mild, can often be treated effectively at home. An ingrown toenail can be a great example. However, if an ingrown toenail is severely painful, infected, or keeps coming back again and again, that is not normal.

Once again, a case like this is sign of an underlying problem. It may be an external problem that can be fixed by simple changes, such as changing your footwear or nail trimming habits. In other cases, it might be an inherited problem, and more advanced measures may need to be taken to provide lasting relief. In either case, don’t just let it keep happening!

when to see us

Diabetes is in Your Picture

If you have diabetes, many other problems have a higher probably of becoming dangerous if left unchecked. This is especially true when it comes to injuries, sores, and sources of pain in your feet.

Regardless of which stage of progression your diabetic symptoms are at or how they may currently be affecting your life, it is still crucial to your future well-being that you discover and report abnormalities as early as possible. In most cases, we may simply ask that you keep an eye on things for now, but some cases may require a closer look. Either way, if you contact us we’ll have a running record of what you are experiencing, which we can use to help you plan better preventative care.

You Have a Sports Injury

Staying active is important at any time, and we know how it has become even more important for some of us to get out of our homes and get moving outside whenever we can.

That’s not an excuse to ignore and try to push through sports injuries, however. We know you might be averse to having to slow down for recovery, but continuing to place stress on an injury will often lead to a worsening situation that will ultimately force you to sit out longer!

We have experts in sports medicine who can help you stay active and get you back to full strength as quickly and as safely as possible. Do not hesitate to take advantage of their services.

Here to Help – In-Office and Over Video!

Whether a telemedicine appointment or an in-office appointment is best for your needs, please rest assured we are keeping your health and safety as our highest priorities during these times.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, or have any questions about how we are currently operating, please feel free to call us at (916) 961-3434. You can also reach out to us electronically via our online contact form to have a member of our staff reach out during our standard office hours.

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