Soothe Sunburned Toes with Home Remedies

Can you solve this riddle? Sacramento County has seven of these for disc-golfing, 109 of these for running, 18 for taking your dog for a walk, and 26 for taking a swim in a community pool. We’re talking about parks! County parks offer a great way to get out into the sun, but not if it means sunburned toes.

When you are slathering on the sunblock lotion, remember that your feet are at risk for getting burnt, too! They can be more at risk for sunburn, since they are often ignored area when you’re applying sunscreen.

To treat your feet from the burn, apply cold washcloths to the area to get rid of the heat. Place your feet in a bath of cold water or put on sunburn gel medication to relieve pain. You can also lather on aloe vera to moisturize the skin, speed the healing process, and prevent peeling in the future.

If you get a sunburn blister, don’t pop it. Instead, apply a bandage over the area. It should heal on its own. Stay away from any tight footwear that would irritate the area and cause more blisters. If a blister pops without warning, just make sure to keep the area clean with soap and water, apply antibacterial ointment, and put a bandage over it. Sunburned skin and blisters can get pretty itchy, but scratching can create scars and lead to infection. Hydrocortisone cream will help relieve the itchiness.

Treatment for sunburned toes should be taken seriously. If you begin to see opaque white bumps or crusty sores that won’t heal on your skin, contact the Premier Podiatry & Orthopedics at 916-961-3434 for an appointment. These symptoms could be a sign of basal cell carcinoma, a skin cancer caused by the sun.

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